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iCR Company

iCR Company

Elan Vita Diagnostic Solutions is a partner and national distributor in the Philippines, of
iCRCompany in Torance, California.

iCRco designs and produces all it's products in the United States. In today's demanding
environment, iCRco products provide effective and increased workflow management. From image
acquisition, ID and Digitizing, image quality control and processing to printing in DICOM
environment, iCRco provides complete CR solutions to our customers. iCRco is a one stop shop for
all your digital imaging needs.

iCRco's solutions integrate and simplify the workflows and operations of specialty clinics,
hospitals, imaging centers, and industrial applications. iCRco works closely with their clients and
can customize solutions to meet each of their needs. iCRco offers wide range of solutions in
Computed Radiography, Film Digitizing and dry-printing.

As the Innovative leader,iCRco, Inc. has developed True Flat Scan Path™ , an ultra precise scan
mechanism. Because nothing touches the active area of the phosphor plates, our customers end
up with uncompromised, artifact free , highest-quality images. No other Computed Radiography
manufacturer can compete with iCRco on low cost of ownership considering our protective
cassettes produce up 300,000+ high resolution images per plate with True Flat Scan Path™ Technology.

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Published on 19 October 2011