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Polytech LIS

Comp Pro Med’s Polytech is a fully featured, inexpensive Laboratory Information System that has all the features you want to streamline your laboratory workflow while being one of the easiest systems to use – in fact, the majority of the work is done on ONE SCREEN.

Polytech can easily interface with your EMR and billing, HIS, or Practice Management System using HL7 standards to implement interfaces, making the process of getting orders to the lab and then getting reports back to the clinician a fast, efficient, completely traceable, electronic process that saves time, reduces cost and eliminates potential errors.

Key Polytech Benefits
  • Increases your laboratories bottom line profitability. Polytech allows increases in workload processing by performing many of the redundant tasks normally performed by lab technicians This allows the laboratory technicians to spend more time focusing on the mission critical tasks.
  • The Polytech LIS is intuitive and exceptionally user friendly making it easy and fast to learn. Polytech is also extremely powerful with the features and functionality you need.
  • The Polytech LIS streamlines laboratory work flow with bar code capabilities, direct (no third party interface boards required) analyzer interfaces, automated QC, ICD-9 Medical Necessity Coding, and auto faxing.
  • Secure Data Repositories and Remote Order Entry allow your lab to provide superior Windows-based solutions to remote clients.
  • Polytech runs on genuine Microsoft® Windows operating systems.
  • The Polytech LIS is flexible enough to be used in a small physician office lab yet powerful and scaleable enough to be used in hospital labs. Polytech can grow as your laboratory needs grow.



Published on 22 October 2011