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Elan Vita Diagnostic Solutions is a partner and distributor in the Philippines, of
Foresight Imaging, the maker of TIMS DICOM System.
TIMS Converts any modality including ultrasound, endoscopy, interventional radiology, nuclear
medicine, CT, MR, X-ray angiography, fluoroscopy, motion X-ray, speech pathology systems, and
more. Unlike other DICOM converter boxes, TIMS can acquire from any modality that has a video
signal or has a monitor. TIMS can capture from any modality because of the specialized, high
technology video capture boards inside the system. Foresight Imaging has been supplying these
specialized capture boards to major medical vendors such as GE, Siemens, Kodak, HeartLab, Witt
Biomedical, and more for nearly 20 years. This experience allows TIMS to capture any video
signal. Other solutions are limited to only standard video signals or have to publish limited
compatibility lists. TIMS can calibrate to any video signal and does not have to publish a "list".

Because TIMS is a universal DICOM converter, one TIMS system can be used for many different
modalities in a hospital or department, providing that they are not in use at the same time. TIMS
can also be easily moved to another modality in the hospital should the original equipment that it
was connected to become obsolete. This is not possible with other DICOM converters that are
limited by standard video signals.

Digital Imaging - With or Without PACS: Most hospitals either have PACS or are thinking
about implementing PACS in the next couple of years. TIMS connects any non-DICOM modality
to PACS. Further, TIMS is an excellent solution for hospitals to "go digital" before PACS is
implemented. With TIMS, studies can be recorded to CD/DVD/USB for soft-copy reads and
storage. And when the hospital implements PACS at a later date, the modality is immediately
connected to the PACS via TIMS. TIMS is the PACS connectivity solution.

TIMS DICOM Gateway Software: There is also a TIMS software-only solution. This is ideal for
hospitals that need to convert their JPG, BMP, or AVI images to DICOM. The resulting DICOM
studies can then be sent to PACS, burned to CD/DVD/USB, or printed. The TIMS DICOM Gateway
Software can also be used as a centralized CD/DVD burning station or printing station. Or it can
be used to receive DICOM studies from DICOM modalities. Its major differentiation from the
TIMS DICOM System is that it cannot acquire from non-DICOM modalities. And since the TIMS
DICOM Gateway Software does not require the TIMS hardware, it is extremely cost effective.

Link to TIMS Website

Published on 19 October 2011